VCI’s 3-Stage Process

Supporting CEOs with Winning Strategies All The Way to Your End Game

VCI’s collective resources and experiences become immediately available to you upon engagement. VCI’s 3-Stage process is custom tailored to ensure that the end result is a corporate finance function that adds value to the decision making process.

  • Stage 1

    Objective Financial Analysis

  • Stage 2

    Tactical Engagement for Profit-Focused Growth

  • Stage 3

    Value-Centered Transactions

Stage 1

Objective Financial Analysis: Getting your financial house in order.

The VCI process starts with immersion into your current financial practices, staff and culture. Our objective assessment of your strengths and challenges will yield recommendations for value creation and corrective action — coupled with a ten-year financial model that typically becomes the basis for developing strategic goals and implementing related tactics.

Timewise:  In Stage 1, we look to scale the learning curve as quickly as possible.


  • We start with an Executive-level assessment of your financial statements: VCI has the skills needed to go behind the numbers to understand the individual drivers that impact the financial results.
  • We will have multiple CEO / CFO drill down sessions on financial reports, cash flow planning, key performance indicators (KPIs), corporate necessities, covenant requirements and financing options.
  • We will develop action plans around two corporate finance priorities that need immediate attention. For example: develop an incentive compensation plan, and determine overhead rates and incorporate into pricing structure.
  • A key deliverable is the creation of forward looking financial statements using multiple scenarios; we tailor the model to each client’s needs, but strongly recommend a ten-year model.

Stage 2

Tactical Engagement for Profit-Focused Growth: You’ve set the course. Now stay the course.

Having established your baseline path to value, Stage 2 of the VCI process ensures ongoing adherence to that plan. Through ongoing organization and consistent monitoring, your VCI CFO steers the management of all accounting and finance functions with a consistent CFO-level focus on business strategy and forecasting.

Timewise:  Stage 2 is a combination of on site and remote engagement within a schedule that works best for your corporate finance department.


  • Comprehensive cash flow management
  • Operational profitability reviews (closeout reporting, quote-to-actual analysis, gross margin review, etc)
  • Controllership: monthly results analysis, discussion, process improvement
  • Pricing and purchasing
  • Deal structuring
  • Contract negotiation with customers and suppliers
  • Treasury risk management
  • Investor strategies, including calculation of enterprise value and exit strategy and planning

Stage 3

Value-Centered Transactions: VCI understands that smart transactions create generational value.

Not only do we understand that, we’ve done it. When the time is right, VCI will manage, facilitate and drive all aspects of your business transaction. From growth through acquisition, to margin enhancement through divestitures, to capital raise, to an outright sale of your business, VCI ensures that your transaction is a smart transaction.

Timewise: Varies according to individual objectives and transactions. Examples of VCI client STAGE 3 process timelines are available upon request.


  • Counterparty identification
  • Pre-Letter of Intent assessment and valuation
  • Deal structuring
  • LOI negotiation
  • Due diligence management
  • Closing and related funding
  • Post-closing transition
  • Integration support
  • Earn-out management

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