Cash Flow Services

“Never take your eyes off cash flow
because it’s the life blood of business.”
–Richard Branson

No doubt about it. Cash is the life blood of any business. VCI delivers a variety of services to keep the cash flowing in your financial circulatory system.

Cash Flow Services Include:

  • Cash Flow Projection: Dynamic Modeling

  • Working Capital Stress Test

  • Debt Structure, Borrowing Availability, Recaps

  • PO To Cash Conversion Matrix

  • Gross Margin Analysis By Customer, Product

  • Expense Control, Projection

  • CapEx Investment Planning

  • Turns Analysis: AR, AP, Inventory

Putting the Plan Into Motion

VCI doesn’t just help your company; we join your team. Our 3-stage process for integrating ourselves into your corporate culture is what sets us apart from other firms, and what sets you up for success.

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